Bet Data Application

Become a winner – You have the instinct, we have the insights.

Welcome to the ultimate companion app for serious bet players worldwide.

Everything you need to know about upcoming soccer matches in order to make better betting decisions, presented in a unique, clear, intuitive and interactive way.

Covering more than 70 leagues in more than 45 countries including all major international competitions, the Bet Data application leverages our long professional expertise in the betting field.

Application is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese.

For each upcoming soccer match, the user gets a unique color-coded condensed view which at a glance provides all the necessary info about both opponent teams. More precisely:

– Powerful Tipsters’ Poll bar showing average percentages for Win/Draw/Loss suggested by betting experts
– Odds per outcome, provided by leading bet operators
– Team’s previous results in the current league. This view can be filtered to show only home or only away results per team.
– Both teams’ positions in the standing table. Full standing table for the whole league can be zoomed in.
– Colorful graphs showing important statistics like Wins/Draws/Losses, Under/Over, and total goals per team
– History record with the results between the two teams
– Smart alerts indicating worth noticing statistic patterns for both teams
– Navigation can be done either by League, or by upcoming matches

When navigating by League, users can select the league of their choice and have access to the following information:

– List of upcoming matches, containing Tipsters’ Poll bar and odds per match
– League’s recent results, indicating final matching odds
– Detailed table standings
– Detailed forms table, showing teams’ virtual standings taking into account up to six recent matches
– Useful statistics for the league, like scores appearances and market outcome percentages
– List of all teams participating in the league, and detailed statistics per team

Standing tables

Form tables

League Statistics

Team Statistics

Matches navigation offers a set of views showing Live, Today’s and Next days matches in all countries and all participating leagues. All these lists can be sorted in the following ways:

– By Date/Time (default view)
– By Country/League (alphabetically)
– By Tipster’s percentages
– By Odds values

The Results pane shows all recent match results. All across the application, more detailed information can be shown by tapping on numerous hot spots. For example, tapping on a match result appearing in any screen, reveals a pop up window showing useful historical details about the match like scorers, red cards etc. 

History record with the results between the two teams

The application is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

It is free to download, and offers free access all leagues and to a big number of selected matches. Full access to all data requires small subscriber’s fee available at a weekly monthly and quarterly basis.

FAQ for Bet Data Application

Tipsters Poll is a powerful graph showing probability percentages for each match’s outcome. Home team’s win is represented in blue, draw in yellow, and away team’s win in orange.

This information becomes available for each match close to its starting time. It is the result of a tedious process where tips from top league experts are collected, analysed and combined. This is why the moment it appears in the app is not standard.


Percentages for home team’s win (in blue), for draw (in yellow) and for away team’s win (in orange)

My alt text

Match is locked for non subscibers

My alt text

Tipsters Poll not available yet

There are four different tabs used to filter the league matches appearing on the right of the screen:

All- All leagues that are currently covered in the Bet Data app

Active – Leagues who are in progress (current season has started)

Today – Leagues for which at least one match is still to be played today (based on local time)

Favourites – Leagues marked as favourites by the user

You can mark a league by tapping on the star next to each league’s name under the [All] tab in the [Leagues] section

The Bet Data app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Most of its content is available to everyone. Subscribers enjoy full access to all matches’ statistics and Tipsters’ Polls. “Locked” matches’ full statistics cannot be viewed by non-subscribers.

Users may subscribe once and the subscription will automatically be renewed unless it is cancelled before the renewal date.

There are three subscription packages: Weelky, Monthly, Quarterly.

An Apple ID is required in order to subscribe, which can also be created during the subscription process. The whole process is easy and safe, driven by Apple services.

In “Subscribe now” under the Info section, there is the “Restore” button which can be useful in the following cases:

– If you want to install the App’s iPhone and iPad versions using the same Apple ID.
– If the App was deleted or something happened at your device.
– If you bought a new device.

In all these cases you can restore/reactivate your current subscription by entering your Apple ID’s credentials, provided your subscription is active.

We tried to build a professional application to be a valuable tool for people who bet on football matches. Rating this job encourages us to continue improving it and enhancing it with new features.

In the Info section there is a “Rate us on App Store” button, leading to our app’s page in the App Store. Tap on “Reviews” and give us the five stars if you like our work.

The Bet Data app currently covers the most popular national and international leagues for bet players worldwide. More leagues as well as cup competitions will gradually be added in the future

Match dates and times are based on user’s local time, taken from the device’s settings.

Odds are provided by one of the leading betting operators, as a reference. They are periodically refreshed to reflect status updates as the match start dates approach.

This means that odds for these matches are not available yet. They will be updated as soon as they become available

My alt text Sort Matches/Results by Country & League

My alt textSort Matches/Results by Date & Time

My alt textMy alt textMy alt textSort Matches/Results by Tipsters Poll percentages of Home-Draw-Away

My alt textMy alt textMy alt textSort Matches/Results by odds of Home (1) or Draw (X) or Away (2)

On the second tap of the button the order is changed from ascending to descending and the opposite.

There is a “Help” icon on the top right corner of all screens of the App. By taping on it an explicit instructions panel appears, explaining all screen areas and links to other forms.